Masters of Ottoman Sufi Music

The district around the historic Sint-Baafsabdij and the adjacent Coyendanspark attract artists from Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Congo, India, Romania, Senegal, Slovakia, Turkey, Syria and Palestine … (and then we may have forgotten a few). The whole neighborhood is transformed into a unique musical décor. The Coyendanspark becomes a “Feria Mundial”, a world market where you can eat and drink and buy all kinds of stuff.

A not to be missed free city festival on the spot where Ghent originated … on 2 days before the International Day of Cultural Diversity.

With Nilson Matta, Radio Martiko, Team Latino, DJ Pacha, Bleri Lleshi, Raju Thapa, Damask duo, Emilia Kirova & Dean Pavlov, Ömer Ulutaş, Raffaello Visconti & Friends, Tamala trio, ZEM, Le Tagarel, Suman Sarkar & Suprotik Sengupta , The City’s Song: Ramallah Sessions, Masters of Ottoman Sufi Music, Alpacas, The London Klezmer Quartet and Bal Mundial.

DATE/TIME:  May 19 Saturday, 2018 / 20:00
VENUE:  Decentrale
ADDRESS:  Kraankindersstraat 2, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

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