Born in 1955 in the province of Konya, home of the Mevlevi order, Necati Celik learned to play the baglama, a folkloric long-necked lute at the age of 7. The early 1970’s marked the beginning of his acquaintance with the oud, and in 1973, he participated in the Mevlevi rituals of Konya as an oud player for the first time over. Here, he meet some of Turkey`s for most oud masters, who contributed to the development of his command over the instrument.

Having experienced difficulty in obtaining quality instruction while learning how to play the oud, Mr. Celik decided to establish his,own private school of music ‘in l975 in Konya, where he taught oud to hundreds of students.

In 1983, he founded the Konya Municipal Turkish Music Choir. Two years later, he became an oud instructor in the Music Department of Konya’s Seljuk University, where he remained for a year. Later, in 1986, he became an oud artist in the Turkish Ministry of Culture’s State
Classical Music Ensemble; and at the same time, taught oud at the State Conservatory of Aegean University.

In 1987, he gave 8 concerts in Tunisia. 1989 was the year when Mr.Celik joined the Istanbul State Classical Turkish Music Ensemble. He also became the primary oud artist of the Necdet-Yashar ensemble, with whom he performed an a monthly basis in Istanbul, as well as in many provinces of Turkey.

Mr. Celik is a frequent guest on Turkish national television and radio programs, and he has performed in many of the universities of France, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland,Tunisia, Morocco, Malaysia, Canada, and the U.S.A. Acting on an invitation received in 1993, he journeyed to the U.S. for solo performances.Since then he has given oud lessons and recitals every year in California and New Mexico, and teaches and performs every August at the Middle Eastern Music Camp held in in Mendocino, California. In 1997, he was invited to partcipate in a workshop at the University of Israel in Jerusalem, where he taught oud and Turkish classical music.At the end of the workshop Mr.Celik gave 2 concerts with his students.

Necati Celik is married with 2 children, and is currently an active member of the Ministry of Culture’s State Classical Turkish Music Ensemble in Istanbul.